Belegarth Government

Belegarth’s governing bodies can be divided into two categories: the Officers and the War Council.EM-GA2-2

The officers are made up of six members: President, Vice President, Treasurer,  Secretary, Public Relations Coordinator, and Webmaster, who are elected by the War Council every December. You can find the current officers and their contact information here.

The officers are tasked with running the business non-profit aspects of Belegarth. This includes any and all things pertaining to Belegarth’s 501.3.c US non-profit status. They have other jobs as well, including running Belegarth’s international event, Armageddon, running the online War Council voting periods, maintaining Belegarth’s online presence and they work alongside the War Council to improve Belegarth for all.

The War Council consists of representatives from each of the voting realms. Voting realms are typically groups that have existed for at least a couple of years and have interest in helping to shape the future of Belegarth. The War Council makes all decisions related to how the game is played and has oversight over the officers. Each voting realm’s representatives discuss and vote on changes to the Belegarth Book of War, the Belegarth Bylaws, the Belegarth Budget, and anything that pertains to maintaining, shaping, changing and improving Belegarth.

You can find out more about the governing bodies by reading the Belegarth Bylaws.