Belegarth Officers

President Warmaster Hakan

President Warmast Hakan

President Warmast Hakan

Mundane Name: Z Snow
Persona Name & Title: Warmaster Hakan Shattered-spear, The Leviathan
Started Fighting: 2005
Realm: Rath
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon
Why You Wanted To Become An Officer: To help give back and facilitate the growth of the community that has contributed so fully to my life

What You Do As An Officer: I’m the acting President (2nd Term) I keep an eye on the tasks of the other BoD members while setting a general tone and pace for the sport; I act as an intermediary in disputes and issues of a sensitive nature along most often alongside our VP and Secretary.

What You Do In ‘Real Life’: I work for a medical technology company in Boise, Idaho, USA

Belegarth Facts

  1. I earned my surname by breaking 4 spears in one event
  2. I have lived and fought in: Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Montana, and Idaho
  3. Weapons check is a not-so-small passion of mine, which I have a lot of opinions on how to run well that I’m happy to share with anyone who can probably hear me
  4. Similarly, I’m a passionate foam-smith and am constantly working on perfecting my craft
  5. I love to teach at events and practices, but I have a particularly pensive face that can sometimes be off-putting; Add to that that I can’t see very well so I’m always squinting and I can seem mildly unapproachable — If you have questions, please come ask. It’s why I’m here.


Vice President Sir Thiadric Thumbs

Vice President Sir Thumbs

Real Name: Zac Johnson
Started Fighting:2003
Current Realm: Stygia
Unit: Gelfen Empire

What do you do as an officer?: Mostly run War Council proceedings and operate as a point of contact for members.

What do you do in “real life”?: I get paid to move boxes. When it comes to the things I actually care about, I do a ton of crafting, I host multiple podcasts, and I am a walking repository of comic book knowledge.

5 Interesting Belegarth Facts about you

  1. I’ve played this game long enough and you assemble titles up the wazoo. Technically my full list is as follows: The Right Honourable, the Baron of Stygia, Sir Thiadric Thumbs, Knight of the Dread Gate, Premier of the Order of the Open Gate, Mercenary King, and #1 Bel Dad of Stygia” There are probably more, but I’ve shed a few over time.
  2. The style I’ve become known for (in the west, I’ve never spent time in the east) happened largely by accident and is mostly the result of pure contrariness. I was told I can’t use inspirations from comics for my garb, and people argued against using bright colours for a while. I disagreed so strongly that it permanently changed my garb style. These days it’s a combination of superhero/sci-fi inspirations with the colourings of a psychedelic clown. I like to think of it as The Way of the Mantis Shrimp.
  3. for someone as devoted to making armour as I am, I almost never wear it myself. When we get back someday I’m going to have to start wearing it regularly to justify the sheer amount I’ve made during this pandemic.
  4. a popular game at events for Stygians is getting me to talk about how much I love my wife. It’s not a difficult game, and I’m told the smile I get is quite dopey.
  5. Despite being introverted, I have a tendency to adopt people. I don’t mean to do it, but after all, Bel has done for me, I feel like it’s obligatory to pay that forward. It works out well, and I’ve developed a strong support system in the sport because of it. It does mean my GELFmas gift list (GELFmas is the TRUE winter holiday) has become quite expansive.

Secretary Squire Sarca

Secretary Squire Sarca

Secretary Squire Sarca

Real Name: Lillian Jolly
Started Fighting: 2010
Current Realm: Babylon
Unit: Sarca’s Kitchen
Squired to: Dragoon Itan
Why did you want to become an officer?: To grow the Belegarth organization and to reinforce safety and inclusivity within the community.
What do you do as an officer?: Handle all of the paperwork that keeps us incorporated in the State of Idaho, handle all of the voting for War Council, answer emails, keep track of all the War Council contact information.
What do you do in “real life”?: I am a job coach and educational assistant for adults and adolescents living with disabilities.

Interesting Belegarth Facts about Squire Sarca

  1. I’ve run an extensive meal plan for about 5 years. I am really interested in food safety and nutrition at events.
  2. I have been part of the Security team at Battle for the ring since 2019. I’m passionate about event safety and volunteering.
  3. I’ve used my Belegarth experiences to write a number of sociology papers. It got me labelled as that weird LARP person in my classes, but it also got me a lot of good grades!
  4. I had a wild impulse one night and created the Cats of Belegarth Facebook group so Belegrim would have an opportunity to appreciate one another’s cute pets.

Treasurer Stormcrow

Photo Credit Nayrus Photography

Treasurer Stromcrow

Real Name: David Andersen
Started Fighting: Most recently? October 2017. I had been part of Numenor in college from August 1999 through around 2003 but lost track of the group for a number of years.
Current Realm: Numenor
Unit: Uruk’hai
Why did you want to become an officer?: I love participating in Belegarth and, given my background, the treasurer position is where I feel I can do the most good. I feel strongly that a healthy organization requires up to date financial information and strong financial controls.

What do you do as an officer?: Handle the finances.
What you do in “real life”: I work for the University of Illinois in payroll accounting and make sure the accounting portion of the process is reconciled and accurate for the three campuses.

Interesting Belegarth Facts about Stormcrow

  1. My original fighting name was Falstaff, but I changed it when I came back in 2017 because it no longer fit me.
  2. My unit leader is Feral. I noticed his Uruk patch at a drop-in Starfinder game when the system was just released and asked about it. I probably wouldn’t have found the local group again otherwise.
  3. I enjoy making chain maille armour
  4. I have only attended events in the Midwest so far but would love to range further afield given the opportunity.


Webmaster Derian

Webmaster Derian

Webmaster Derian

Real Name: Josh Mattson
Started Fighting: 2001
Current Realm: Nan Belegorn
Unit: Hellhammer
Why did you want to become an officer?: To make sure that Belegarth had a well-managed and useful web presence.
What do you do as an officer?: I oversee all of Belegarth’s web properties
What do you do in “real life”: Lead a globally distributed team of approximately 30 middleware engineers for an international managed cloud services provider.








Public Relations Coordinator Squire Antoinette Finnrsdottir, Master Senechal

Photo Credit JulieannaD Photography

PR Coordinator Squire Antoinette

Real Name: Kayla Harris
Started “Fighting”: 2007
Current Realm: Canada, Beyond the Wall
Unit: Honorary Elite Bloodfalcons
Squired to: Dragoon Dopp, 9th Knight of the Highlands of Chaos

Why did you want to become an officer?: I love our community, and I want to make sure that we are still here when all this pandemic is over.
What do you do as an officer?:  I handle the public relations for Belegarth. I am usually the person posting on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and answering your Belegarth Facebook messages.
What do you do in “real life”?: I am a Special Education Resource Teacher for Grades K-10. I love my job and the kids I work with amaze me every day.

Interesting Belegarth Facts about Squire Antoinette

  1. I am among the northernmost members of Belegarth. Me and the realm in Alaska. Currently living in a location called Wunnumin Lake, Ontario.
  2. I enjoy working troll shifts. So much so that Squire Dane and Squire Moxk once tried to kick me out of troll for working too much troll. They did not succeed.
  3. I am a member of the Presidential Order of the Raised Goblet and the Presidential Order of the Open Tome
  4. I am a Senchales Guild Master and a Squire.
  5. I have 2 cats. One large fluffy ginger boi named Jack and one smol calico girl named River.