Goblyn March

Monsterdom: 101

October 21, 2016

What are monsters and why do you dress so weird?

In Belegarth, monsterdom consists of largely dark fantasy races that were pulled from popular sources, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, etc. There are a few more recent races that have sprung up from other, less known sources, but the vast majority of races you will see on their field are creatures like Goblyns, ogres, trolls, kobolds, orcs, bugbears, etc. However, while the idea for the race may have been taken from an outside source, our version is never the same. Belegarth monsters (and especially Goblyns like me) take great pride in making their race their own. Making yourself identifiable to others is crucial for being a strong monster character, which is why all races have distinguishing features, such as green skin and covered elbows for Goblyns, or a single sleeve on the dominant arm for Bugbears. And all have their own reason for why that certain practice exists. This is the beauty of being something beyond just another human in a plain tunic on the field. The culture of monsterdom in our game is strong, and not only that, it builds upon itself. A young ogre can confer with an ancient shaman to discuss new ideas for why something is done that has yet to have been explained. Goblyn lore has exploded in recent years, due to the return of some of our strongest storytellers, who inspire the younger generations into contributing their fresh ideas to the lore.

Sorry, what do you mean by “lore”? 

Oh, excuse me I’m getting all excited. We refer to our backstories, our histories, our stories of great warriors and legends as the body of lore for our race. All races, even ones with few members representing them, have the basic groundwork for their existence explained. Who their gods are and how they were created, or their origins if they don’t believe in any gods, some description of their appearance, and their general behavior towards other creatures and each other. Every race has a relatively distinct personality to it, meaning that usually an individual who is seeking a monster persona often find one or two races that they to connect with.

How extensive is your roleplaying? Do I have to be completely into it 100% of the time?

As much as I sometimes wish that were the case, no. As has been stated elsewhere, roleplaying (RP) is not required for our game. Even as an older monster, I am not perfect, and definitely do not spend the entirety of an event in character. Real life is a topic that is quite difficult to discuss as a Goblyn, trust me. I’ve been trying to work on that, but everyone has their own levels of contribution. Horde in particular likes to do silly things on or off the field for the enjoyment and occasionally chagrin of those in the area. In general, we try to make things fun for everyone. For example, last Oktoberfest, the combined forces of every monster present at the event, whether in a monster-affiliated group or not, marched through the campsite, chanting and screaming our war cries to the sound of a throbbing drum, with a “sacrifice” in tow. He, being a well-known paladin and staunch hater of monsterdom in general (but only in-character), was dragged right into the middle of the fighting field by the mass of assorted races, and “killed” for the pleasure of the Chaos Gods as everyone watched. It was one of my favorite RP moments in my time in Bel, and I only hope there will be more like it.

That actually sounds kinda cool. How can I become a monster?

Ask your local realm. Post on the “Monsters of Bel/Dag” Facebook page, or check the Belegarth Wiki here: geddon.org/Category:Monsters. It has descriptions of each race, as well as links to their respective pages. If you find something you think you’ll enjoy, locate other monsters who can give you advice on how to make your garb better, how to write your own story. Even if you decide you want to create your own race, it’s still a good idea to ask for opinions from some of the other prominent monsters in the game. They’ll tell you the best way to execute your concept, and make it the best it can be. Because above all, the goal is to have fun. Monsterdom originated as a way to poke fun at all the stuffy knights who took themselves, and this goofy game where we don funny clothes and hit each other with foam, WAY too seriously. And that tradition extends to today. So be yourself, contribute to the game, and have fun. And find me at an event if you have questions, I’ll likely be one of the grumpy old Goblyns in Horde camp grumbling at pinkies to get off my lawn. 😉

By Galya Grikhunter, Witchdoktor